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The Opening Ceremony of the New Library of Shandong University of Finance and Economics Grandly Held
2021-11-03 10:40 Read:

“When autumn is full of autumn colors, the new library has a new look.”On the morning of November 3, the opening ceremony of the new library of Shandong University of Finance and Economics was held on Shengjing campus. SDUFEParty Secretary Wang Shaojun, PresidentZhao Zhongxiu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Han Zuosheng,Vice Presidents Chen Xiaolan, Zhang Shuxue, Zhang Xin, Tao Hu,SDUFE Disciplinary Committee Secretary and Supervisor Wang Fudai,Professor Du Baoguo, member of the Steering Committee of Library and Information Work in Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education, Deputy Director of the Library and Information Work Committee of Shandong Province, and Director of the Library of Shandong Normal University, Lv Mingqian, Vice Chairman of Shandong Tianqi Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., and Meng Fanbing, Jinan Regional General Manager,teacher representative Professor Liu Peide, dean of the School of Management Science and Engineering, and personnel attended the meeting.The ceremony was hosted by Chen Xiaolan.

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, the audience sang the national anthem. Participating leaders and guests delivered speeches successively.In the cheerful music, Wang Shaojun and Zhao Zhongxiu jointly lifted the red silk to unveil the new library, and there were bursts of applause.

At around 9:50, with everyone’s attention and expectation, Wang Shaojun walked to the frontpodiumand announced the opening of the new library of Shandong University of Finance and Economics.Applause broke out, and the warm and festive atmosphere on the scene reached a climax.

In his speech, Zhao Zhongxiu first expressed his gratitude to the design unit, construction unit and university related departments of the new library.He said that the library is the heart of a university. Since the start of the construction of the new library project, it has received great attention from the teachers and students of SDUFE andpeoplefrom all walks of life.In the critical period of SDUFE’s “double first-class” construction and connotative development, the opening of the new library will definitely inject stronger development momentum into SDUFE’s high-quality development, running a university that satisfies the people, and gather greater ideological synergy.He hoped that the librarians would beautify the education environment, innovate service methods as soon as possible, and build a first-class library with distinctive financial characteristics as well as a first-class service level and quality, so that the library will become the most desired place for teachers and students along with the university and the new ID card of SDUFE.Second,Zhao Zhongxiu said, “wemust improve the new functions and build the library into a learning exchange center, a document information center, an academic research center, and a cultural experience center, to better play its cultural education function.”Third,he also said, “wemust make full use of big data, artificial intelligence, Internet + and other information technologies to enrich collection resources, innovate management models, promote transformation and upgrade, build a smart library, and build the library into a symbol of the spirit of SDUFE and a palace of academic culture.”Zhao Zhongxiu hoped teachers and studentsconsiderbooks as their companions and friends, keep their curiosity and desire for knowledge at all times, develop the habit of lifelong reading, absorb(informationand nourishment in the vast ocean of knowledge, actively explore and forge ahead with determination, and make excellent results the answer sheet to all sectors of society, as a gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of SDUFE and the 10th anniversary of the merger of Shandong University of Finance and Shandong University of Economics.

In his speech, Du Baoguoapplaudedthe opening of the new library, hoping to take the opening as an opportunity and a new starting point, and strive to build the library into an important base for serving and educating people, and contribute to SDUFE “double first-class” construction and connotative development and play a demonstrative role for the high-quality development of university libraries in Shandong Province.

On behalf of the construction unit, Lv Mingqiancommendedthe opening of the new library and wished that SDUFE will keep pace with the times, innovate, and build a first-class national financial university in an all-round way. Hopefully, SDUFE would write a new chapter and create new brilliance to realize the leap-forward development of cultural education in Shandong Province.

Liu Peide said in his speech that the opening of the new library is a happy event that the teachers and students of SDUFE are looking forward to. He hopes that everyone will regard reading as a way of life by being good at reading and reading good book.It is hoped that the new library can become a cultural highland, a spiritual home, and a cradle of talents, providing high-quality services for teachers and students in teaching, scientific research, and learning, and contributing to the high-quality development of the university.

After the ceremony, accompanied by the library director Wei Xuebo and party branch secretary Wang Changsheng, SDUFE leaders moved to the second, third and fourth floors and visited the library service hall, the fully open reading area and the library exhibition area.

To celebrate the opening of the library, the “New Chapter of Ink Dance” calligraphy and painting exhibition was held on the first floor, displaying more than 80 works by teachers and students of the School of Art of SDUFE.Wang Shaojun and other SDUFE leaders and guests admired the dazzling array of excellent works with praise.

In the square on the south side of the library, a variety of “you choose the book, I pay the bill” book campus and reading promotion activities were also held for teachers and students.

It is reported that in April 2016, SDUFE party committee made a plan and(implementation strategyto build a new library.After active preparations, earth and stone construction started in March 2018, foundation construction started in October, the mainstructurewas topped off in December 2019, and the construction wassuccesscompleted in December 2020. It was awarded as the 2019 Shandong Provincial High-quality Structural Project by the Shandong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.In 2022, the project will actively apply for the “National Quality Project” (Luban Award).

The new library on Shengjing campus is a landmark building on the main campus of SDUFE.It is a frame-shear structure, with one basement level and eleven floors above ground. It is 66.5 meters high and has a building area of more than 50,000 square meters. The designed collection of books is 1 million volumes.The new library integrates many functions such as collection of books, self-study, conference reports, research exchanges, and new technology experience. It has 32 seminar rooms, 1 audio-visual appreciation room, more than 3,800 reading seats, special collection areas and bookstores, etc.The library has advanced equipment and complete facilities, equipped with modern service facilities such as smart book self-borrowing,“waterfall flow”e-book reading, big data statistics publishing, and reading booths.The new library takes readers as the center, fully considers the comfort and convenience of readers, adopts a service model that is open 7 days a week and 15 hours a day, carefully designs the service flow line, and fundamentally improves the book management environment and reading environment.

The main person in charge of the unit from the Office of the President of the Party Committee, Party Committee Publicity Department, Party Committee Student Work Department, Development Planning Office, Personnel Office, Finance Office, Shengjing Campus Management Office, Main Campus Construction Office, SDUFE Youth League Committee, School of Management Science and Engineering, School of Art, Network Information Center, etc. and all the staff of the library witnessed the opening ceremony.

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