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Zhao Zhongxiu Elected as the Vice President of the Chinese Society of World Economics
2021-11-03 10:38 Read:

From October 30 to 31, the “2021 Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of World Economics and the Young and Middle-aged Forum of the Chinese Society of World Economics” was held in Zhejiang University.Zhang Yuyan, chairman of the Chinese Society of World Economics and member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Sheng Qiuping, director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, and Huang Xianhai, vice president of Zhejiang University, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.SDUFE President Zhao Zhongxiu attended the meeting and gave a keynote speech entitled “Shandong Local Samples of Opening up New Highland Construction: Experiences and Challenges.”

Zhao Zhongxiu analyzed the overall situation of Shandong Province’s current export-oriented economy in terms of import and export trade, commodity structure, foreign contracted labor, actual use of foreign capital, and foreign investment. Besides, he also introduced that significant results have been achieved in expanding new path of replacing old driving forceswith new onesand further promoting trade and investment facilitation in Shandong Province.He pointed out that in recent years, Shandong has carried out a series of innovative practical explorations in creating a new highland for opening up to the outside world.The first is to thoroughly implement the spirit of important speeches and instructions during General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of Shandong, actively connect with national strategies, actively integrate into the overall situation of China’s opening up, and deeply grasp Shandong’s position in the overall situation of opening up.The second is toperseverein promoting high-quality development with reforms, making full use of major development opportunities such as RCEP signing and land-sea linkage to promote Shandong’s deep integration into the “Belt and Road” international cooperation pattern, and make Shandong’s contribution to the domestic and international dual-cycle strategy.The third is to seize the opportunity of “replacing old driving forceswith new ones,” national strategic advantage opportunities such as “Shandong Free Trade Zone,” “Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone,” combined with local characteristics, aiming at national strategic needs to form Shandong characteristics of opening up measures.Facing profound changes in the domestic and international situation, Zhao Zhongxiu believes that the construction of a new highland in Shandong’s opening to the outside world is facing increasing uncertainty in the international economic situation, fierce competition in the opening up of domestic and foreign regions, prominent domestic constraints and structural contradictions in opening up, weak business capabilities of enterprises in the province, insufficiency of business environment and other challenges.It is necessary to make full use of Shandong’s industrial foundation, open platform and geographical advantages, actively explore new mechanisms for foreign-local cooperation, build a world-class business environment, smooth economic cycles, and promote high-quality development of an open economy.

During theevent, a general meeting of the China World Economic Association wasalsoheld.Zhao Zhongxiu was elected as the vice president of the 12th China World Economic Association, Xie Shenxiang was elected as the executive director and deputy secretary-general, and Wang Peizhi, Yuan Qigang, Fang Hui, and Bai Jie were elected as directors.

This annual meeting was hosted by the China World Economic Association and undertaken by the School of Economics, Zhejiang University.Experts from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, various provincial and municipal academies of social sciences, national universities, central party schools, provincial party schools, as well as the Development Research Center of the State Council, the People’s Bank of China and other related institutions attended the meeting.

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