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Webinar on Year English Majors Teaching Reform and Development in East China and Workshop on "Critical Ability Training in Foreign Language Teaching"
2020-06-23 09:02 Read:

Host:School of Foreign studies at SDUFE

Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

Time:8:30-12:30am, June 28, 2020

Venue:VooV Meeting + Ding Talk ( Unipus)

Participation:Please send the receipt to the school and scan the QR code to enter the provincial group






Opening Remarks by President of SDUFE, Prof. Zhao Zhongxiu

By Li Yi,

Dean of School of Foreign Studies, SDUFE


Lecture: Critical Ability Training in Foreign Language Teaching

By Prof. Sun Youzhong,Vice President of Beijing Foreign Studies University


Lecture: Teaching Experience Sharing: The cultivation of Critical Thinking Ability in the Teaching of Intensive Reading

By Yang Lifang from Beijing Foreign Studies University


Lecture: Teaching Critical English Writing: Theory and Practice

By Zhang Lian Deputy,

Dean of School of English from Beijing Foreign Studies University


Lecture: Teaching Experiencing Sharing: Teaching Demonstration on Writing Lessons

By Zhang Chi from School of Foreign Languages, Qingdao University


Lecture: Teaching Practice of Competency-based Oral English Courses

By Director Jin Limin, Office of Confucius Institutes at Beijing Foreign Studies University


Lecture: Theory and Practice on Intercultural Critical Listening Teaching Course

By Wang Yan from Nanjing University


Lecture: The Construction of Textbooks for Core Courses of English majors in the Context of Teaching Guide for Undergraduate English Majors

By Liu Sibo from Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

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