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Shandong University of Finance and Economics and Dehua Angu Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Signs a University-Enterprise Cooperation Agreement and Unveils the Talent Training Base
2021-05-27 10:12 Read:

        On May 26, the signing ceremony for university-enterprise cooperation between Shandong University of Finance and Economics and Dehua Angu Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and the unveiling of the university-enterprise cooperation talent training base was held in SDUFE. SDUFE party secretary Wang Shaojun, president Zhao Zhongxiu, vice president Tao Hu, Dehua Angu Life chairman Shi Fenglei, director and general manager Yin Xiaosong, and relevant leaders from Shandong Provincial Financial Supervision and Administration and Shandong Insurance Industry Association attended the event. The ceremony was presided over by SDUFE vice president Tao Hu.

        In his speech, Wang Shaojun stressed that the talent training base of the two parties is not only the fruitful result of the university-enterprise cooperation in the early stage but also provides a new platform for further deepening cooperation and development. It plays a significant role in exploring new models of integration of industry and education and cultivating innovative and application-oriented insurance talents. It is hoped that the two parties will take this cooperation in running education and the establishment of talent training bases as an opportunity to integrate the education chain, industry chain, and talent chain. This could be done by relying on their respective resource advantages, jointly build a shared innovation platform, and work closely in insurance technology and talent training cooperation. Through in-depth integration, the two parties will create new highlights and characteristics of cooperation, set up a new model in collaboration, and strive to become first-class insurance research and high-end application-oriented talent training base in Shandong province and China.

        Shi Fenglei stressed in his speech that as a joint venture life insurance company headquartered in Shandong province, Dehua Angu Life Insurance is willing to fully plays the advantages of its headquarter to help promote local economic and social development and people’s livelihood guarantee. He hopes to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Shandong University of Finance and Economics and serve government and departments at all levels in Shandong province to formulate and implement policies and provide intellectual support for insurance agency business operational decisions. The signing of school-enterprise cooperation in running education and the unveiling of the talent training base indicates that the two parties have entered a new era of deepening cooperation and development. In the next step, the company will organize middle and senior managers to share the operation and experience of the insurance industry in relevant courses, to realize the combination of university and enterprise resources. He hoped that both parties will take this as a new opportunity to further develop multi-level, multi-form, and multi-field cooperation to achieve the optimal allocation of university-enterprise resources.

        Subsequently, the university-enterprise cooperation in running education and university-enterprise cooperation talent training base signing and unveiling ceremony was held. Zhao Zhongxiu and Yin Xiaosong signed a university-enterprise cooperation agreement to jointly run insurance education witnessed by the participants. Wang Shaojun, Zhao Zhongxiu, Shi Fenglei, Yin Xiaosong, and the relevant leaders of the Shandong Provincial Financial Supervision Administration and the Shandong Insurance Industry Association attended the unveiling ceremony of university-enterprise cooperation talent training base. The two parties expressed that they will take this opportunity to further promote university-enterprise cooperation, deepen collaboration and exchanges, and encourage young students majoring in insurance to step into society as soon as possible while studying hard and gaining strength in their studies and strive to be elites in the insurance industry with a global vision. After the unveiling ceremony, Liang Pingwei, financial officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Investment Officer of Dehua Angu Life Insurance made a report on the“Current Situation and Thoughts on the Use of Insurance Funds”. The teachers and students from the SDUFE School of Insurance discussed the report and the current insurance and investment hotspots.

        Relevant leaders of Shandong University of Finance and Economics, Dehua Angu Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Shandong Provincial Administration of Financial Supervision, Shandong Insurance Industry Association, heads of relevant departments (colleges) of both parties, experts and scholars, representatives of teachers and students of the College of Insurance, and nearly 100 media representatives attended the ceremony.

        Reporters from Dazhong Daily, Qilu Evening News, Dazhong.com, Xinhuanet.com, World Wide Web, China Economic Herald,“Shandong State-owned Assets”magazine, and Shandong Economic Broadcasting reported the event.

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