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SDUFE Holds the 2021 Spring Sports Meeting and the Third Sports Culture Festival
2021-04-30 08:38 Read:

        On April 28th, the 2021 Spring Sports Meeting and the 3rd Sports Culture Festival of Shandong University of Finance and Economicswereheld in the playground of Shengjing Campus.

        At 8:30 in the morning, the opening ceremony kicked off with magnificent dragon and lion performances that lit up the atmosphere.

        After the solemn national flag-raising ceremony, Zhang Xin, Vice President of SDUFE, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. He reviewed the efforts to promote COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control and school reform and development in 2020. He pointed out that the development the university needs teachers and students to have a strong body and willpower, and the spirit of never giving up.Sports not only can enhance physical fitness; but more importantly, can also help demonstrate the spirit of hard work and promote sports culture.Since the school held the first sports culture festival in 2019, the campus sports competition throughout the year set off awaveof teachers and students to keep fit, forming a good campus sports culture atmosphere. Vice President Zhang Xin also conveyed his wish that all teachers and students take an active part in the colorful sports and that the athletes can show their style, high-level skills, and passion in the competition and raise the sails of their dreams. All people participating in the competition should gain both competition results and spirit civility, always holding dear the fine spirit of sportsmanship.

        Jiang Mingshi, a teacher of Physical Education College, and Xiao Kanglong, a student of Grade 2020 of the School of International Trade and Economics, took the oath on behalf of the referees and athletes,respectively.

        The two-day competition was exciting and intense. A total of 1286 athletes from Shengjing, Yanshan,and Shungeng campuses participated in 66 sports competitions. On the playground, the enthusiastic cheerleading performance highlighted the youthful vitality; the long jumpers jumped in the air, the high jumpers jumped over the pole easily; the sprinters raced against time; the long-distance runners held the spirit of never giving up. All of these have interpreted the indelible sportsmanship and blown the horn of youth to work hard.

On the afternoon of April 29th, the staff sports meeting was held in Shungeng Campus. A total of 277 staff members from different units of the university participated in 56 competitions.

        Each college organized various sports and cultural activities according to the school sports and cultural festival activities.

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