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SDUFE Reached Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Association of Small- and Medium-sized Business and Enterprises
2021-04-29 08:32 Read:

        On April 27th, a signing ceremony wasconductedon the Yanshan campus to mark thefoundationofthestrategic cooperation agreement between Shandong University of Finance and Economics and China Association of Small- and Medium-sized Business and Enterprises. SDUFE Party Secretary Wang Zhaojun, together with Vice President Zhang Xin, attended the ceremony and held talks with Ren Xinglei, Party Secretary and Standing Vice President of China Association of Small- and Medium-sized Business and Enterprises, Wang Zhiwei, Vice President, and Diao Zhijie.

        The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Xin. Wang Zhaojun and Ren Xinglei delivered speeches. Diao Zhijie and the head of SDUFE Office of Cooperation and Development signed the agreement as the representative of each party.

        Wang Zhaojun expressedawarm welcome for the coming of President Ren Xinglei and other personnel and conveyed his thanks to those who care about the development of SDUFE.Wang Zhaojun briefly introduced the disciplines and curriculum, scientific research, and social services of the university.Wang Zhaojunalsostressed that the universityhas been continuallyimplementing and serving the major national strategies, and better serving the society based on the reality of Shandong province, closely connected to the eight development strategies proposed bytheprovincial Party committee. Guided by the problem-oriented manner, the university has carried out targeted and integrated research by signing cooperation agreements with government sectors,variousindustries and associations, enterprises, and public institutions;that help in advancingthe in-depth fusion of politics, industry, university, research,and practice.Furthermore, Wang Zhaojun conveyed his wish that the two sides could take the cooperation agreement signingas an opportunity to jointly build and share resource platform based on their resource advantages and integrating the chain of industry innovation, education, and talents, in a bid to offer high-quality resource supply for the integration of industry and education. The twosides, by shaping highlight and new features for cooperation and setting an exemplified model, may closely cooperate in supply chain finance, Fin-tech, revitalization of rural areas,and cooperation of training talents for greater contribution for the modernization of Shandong provinceina new era.

        Ren Xinglei introduced the general condition of the association andeffectivemeasures adopted to help small- and medium-sized enterprises to grow. Ren Xinglei also stressed thatthe association is a first-class national consultation and service association managed by the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) and consisted of businesses specializing in small- and medium-sized commodities and transportation of goods.Thus, theassociation has long dedicated itself to the service toward member units including over 50 million small-, macro- and medium-sized businesses and the service sector asfinancialinstitutions. Ren Xinglei gave a high evaluation for the quality of talent training of SDUFE and the high prestige enjoyed by the university.Moreover, Ren Xinglei appreciatedthe efforts made by SDUFE since its establishment over the past 70 years of training talents for economic and social development at national and local levelsthatsupported the growth of small- and medium-sized enterprises.Lastly,Ren Xinglei hoped that the two sides could further expand and deepen fruitful cooperation in training talents, Think Tank construction,and joint efforts for supporting industries.

        Members and financial experts from Consultation Committee of China Association of Small- and Medium-sized Business and Enterprises, supervisors and representatives of entrepreneurs of the member units, and personnel from SDUFE Office of Party Committee, Office of President, Placement Office, Office of Academic Research,Committee of Communist Youth League, School of MBA, Office of Cooperation and Development, School of Rural Revitalization have attended the ceremony and held talks on cooperation.

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