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Liu Peide Awarded National May Day Labor Medal
2021-04-28 17:15 Read:

        BEIJING, April 27 -- A mobilization meeting for labor and skills competitions, with the theme of“Achieving Success and Making progress in the 14thfive-year plan”, was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on April 27, 2021, to celebrate the coming International Labor Day. At the meeting, 397 groups, together with 1,197 individuals, were awarded National May Day Labor Certificates and Medals, and 1,297 groups were awarded the honor of National Pioneer of Workers.Twelvegroups andfifty-eightindividuals among them were awarded National May Day Labor Medals and National May Day Labor Certificates respectively, andfifty-onegroups were awarded the honor of National Pioneer of Workers. Liu Peide, dean of School of Management and Engineering and the second-class professor of SDUFE, was awarded National May Day Labor Medal. He is the only university faculty member among thefifty-eightwinners oftheNational Labor Medal in Shandong province. It is also the first time that SDUFE has been awarded this honor since the two universities (Shandong University of Economics and Shandong University of Finance) were merged and established SDUFE in 2011.

        The All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) issued“Decision on Commending National May Day Labor Medal and National Pioneer of Workers”, hoping thoseavant-gardegroups and individuals who have been awarded to, in a spirit of cherishing the honor, staying true to the original aspiration, being modest and prudent, and guarding against arrogance, keep their model role and encourage the laboring masses, with vigor, pioneering spirit and perseverance, to be the pioneers for a new era and make breakthroughs of our times.

        Liu Peide is a doctoral supervisor and chairman of the Teaching Instruction Committee of E-commerce and Logistics Management in Shandong Province. His“Information System Design and Practice,” “Decision Theory and Method,”together with other courses, have been awarded Provincial Excellent Courses and Provincial High Quality Courses for Postgraduates. The Model of Information Demonstration and Fusion Technology, proposed byProfessorLiuhasopened upanew direction of research and received positive comments from 9 academicians of 6 countries including China and the United States of America.

        In recent years, Professor Liu has presided over one major project of the National Social Science Fund of China and four national projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.ProfessorLiu has published over 200 SCI and SSCI papers on IEEE Transactions on FuzzySystems, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, Information Sciences. Among those papers,twenty-twoof them were ranked as ESI papers withahigh rate of citation.ProfessorLiu has been nominated as the scientist withahigh rate of citation worldwide by Clarivate forthreeconsecutive years and the Chinese scholar withahigh rate of citation by Elsevier forsevenconsecutive years.ProfessorLiu was the first to win the Third Prize of the Eighth College Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Humanities and Social Sciences), and the First Prize of Shandong Province Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award 6 times.

        Professor Liuisa member of the provincial CPPCC and Standing Committee of the Provincial Association of Science and Technology. He is alsoan expert on Provincial Think Tank and the new generation of information technology think tank.As a member,Professor Liu has made proposals of AI and targeted poverty alleviation, whichhasbeen adopted by government plans and gained support from the provincial financial sector.

        Professor Liu has been appraised as National Outstanding Teachers, Leading Personnel of National Ten Thousand Talents Program, Cultural Experts of Publicity Department of the CPC.Moreover, he isone of the young and middle-aged experts of the Four Batches Talents Program and the National Talents Project with outstanding contributions to the nation.He isa distinguished expert of the Taishan Scholars Program, a young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution to Shandong Province, a Famous Teacher of Shandong Province, and awarded the honor of Labor Medal of Shandong Province for making efforts to make people live an abundant life and help Shandong province prosper. From the year 2016, Professor Liu has received the special government allowance of the State Council.

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