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Longshan Honors School Was Opened
2020-06-10 10:09 Read:

SDUFE has never ceased the innovative strive for talent training and its community has recommitted themselves to the building of a more competitive and better institute. On the morning of June 10, the opening ceremony for Longshan Honors School of SDUFE was held at Yanshan campus. Wang Shaojun, Party Secretary of the University, and Zhao Zhongxiu, President of the University made speeches respectively, and unveiled the nameplate of "Longshan Honors School". Vice President Han Zuosheng presided over the ceremony.

Party Secretary Wang Shaojun in his speech congratulated the official establishment of the School which is eventful for the university's talent training work in terms of building a multi-category and multi-level talent training system and promoting the reform of talent training mode, especially for undergraduates. He noted that it is of great significance for the university to train and reserve high-quality and excellent talents in the financial and economic fields and serve the national and local development strategies.

Zhao Zhongxiu, President and Dean of Longshan Honors School, said that the university has taken the initiative to start preparing the Honors School under the Ministry of Education's "Qiangji (Strengthening the Foundation) Program" since September 2019. Based on the experience of successful universities at home and abroad, the preparatory work has focused on several aspects of exploration. The first is the versatility of training objectives, so that students will be patriotic and global-envisioned, through the improvement of research ability and ideology, to achieve comprehensive self-realization. Second, the linkage of training programs, overall planning of the whole chain of the academic development of the master and doctoral programs, simultaneous promotion of the "top undergraduate talent training system" and "graduate academic innovation training system" construction. The third is the integration of curriculum content, focusing on "Whole-person Education", promoting the integration of the latest scientific and technological achievements such as big data and artificial intelligence with traditional economics and management disciplines, the integration of traditional Chinese classical culture courses with international courses, the integration of science and engineering courses with liberal arts courses, undergraduate courses and graduate courses, etc.

In this autumn semester, Longshan Honors School will conduct the second selection for freshmen, and set up two basic talent experimental classes for economics and management, with 20 students in each class. The dynamic management and flexible learning system as well as the tutorial system and project system will be implemented throughout the whole course, and special academic scholarships will also be set up for exceptional students. The School will set up the Postgraduate Academic Innovation Experimental Class which will incorporate postgraduate education into the honor system, forming a complete honor education system at three levels, namely, undergraduate, postgraduate anddoctorial students, and gradually establishing a full training chain for the academic development of postgraduate and postgraduate.

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