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   Live your life and create your own opportunities. 
                                 ——Joris Veldt (Exchange student of INHOLLAND University) 
Great experience, you meet your new family for life! Amazing!    
                                 ——Oatalia Agter(Exchange student of INHOLLAND University)

    I am now studying Chinese at Xiamen University, but still think about my time in Jinan.

    The quality of teaching that I received in Jinan really gave me a solid foundation in Chinese language. Since arriving in Xiamen, I have been complimented by many Chinese friends on my pronunciation. I know that the reason I have good pronunciation now is because of the help and clear instruction that Li Laoshi and Xie Laoshi gave me. The small class sizes in Jinan are ideal conditions for learning Chinese - and allow for a level of instruction and feedback that is just not possible in larger classes.

    I couldn't have asked for a better place to begin learning Chinese than at SDUFE, it helped me to build a solid foundation in the language and also provided an enjoyable and interesting insight into Chinese culture. I would recommend studying Chinese here to anyone!

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to study at SDUFE - and for being a part of making the experience so special for me. I have fond memories of Jinan and hope that one day I can come back to visit.
                           —— Emily Hollins(student of University of Abertay Dundee)


    2015, Jan. 14th
        Having the opportunity to study in SDUFE is a very precious experience in my study life.
    Learning system is really easy to follow, the teaching materials, the teachers and also the learning support.
    The environment in the university makes me easy to adapt into the real practice of Chinese language learning.
    Nice friends, nice atmospheres and of course the dormitory that makes me easier to enjoy as a student life.
    For all of that I am so grateful to the university staffs, teachers, and everyone in this university along my stay.
    Looking forward to going back to visit again.
                                            ——Koharudin Achmad (student of Indonesia)

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